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No.Song NameMediafire

01Emo Emouno EvarikiDownload

02Halele Halele HaleleyDownload

03Malli Kuyavey GuvvaDownload

04Neekosam songDownload

05Pillo Pisanari PillaDownload

06Rama sakkani bangaruDownload

Single LinkDownload

Free Download Telugu Songs
of Ravi Teja Movie "Itlu Sravani Subramanyam". All Songs in this movie looks natural. Most of the Industry Experts, even didn't expected that this film is going to be hit. Ravi Teja Occupied good place in the further movies, However tanu roy wouldn't. Telugu Lyrics of all songs are excellent in this movie.

Ravi Teja Acted Well in this film. This is the first film of Ravi Teja which helped his career to make a brand in the cinema field. Later he got so many options to act in different movies. Tanu roy acted opposite Ravi Teja in this movie Itlu Sravani Subramanyam. She looks so cute in this movie. Ofcourse now she is little fatty, even though still she looks awesome.

Audio songs of this film are tuned well. Most of the guys / girls like these songs so much. I have provided free download links of these songs. Rama Sakkani song is what I love very much in this movie. In melody point of view I prefer Emo Emavuno Evariki Telusanta.


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